2019 Sled Holiday Ornament

sled ornament.jpg
sled ornament.jpg

2019 Sled Holiday Ornament


We are once again fast approaching that season - you know the one I am talking about.
I am officially unveiling the 2019 holiday ornament for this year. The sled.
This one evokes memories of my childhood and my father building my sister and I sleds back in Texas - Yes, TEXAS.
One winter we had a "sledable" snow that I can remember and out of plywood and 2x4's he built us sleds - not like you could just go buy one down there.
All to enjoy the rare and all be it brief Winter Wonderland we had.

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Each year I traditionally produce an heirloom quality keepsake holiday ornament.

Once again I will only be producing a limited number of these ornament so get yours early. I also have a limited number of the 2018 Snowmen so it is a perfect opportunity to start your collection.